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Thaksin University Emblem
      The Thaksin University emblem depicts 3 books reflecting the philosophy of the university “Intelligence and Ethics guide Development”. These 3 books are surrounded by Thai light blue letters (the school color) with the university name in Thai "มหาวิทยาลัยทักษิณ" or "THAKSIN UNIVERSITY" which translates as “University of the South”. The highest-placed of the three books has a light blue crown, representing the symbol of excellence and glory according to the year of 1996 when Srinakharinwirot University, Southern Campus was upgraded to Thaksin University. This was related to the year of 50th Anniversary (Golden Jubilee) Celebrations of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne.
Tree and Flower of Thaksin University
      Thaksin University uses a tiger's claw or Indian coral tree (Erythrina variegata L.) as the university flower, which is called “Parichart or Thonglang” in Thai. It is a perennial shady-leafed tree of the LEGUMINOSAE or FABACEAE Family. The flower has strong red flowering bunches. It represents the symbol of heaven according to Buddhism’s Three Baskets (Buddha's teaching of three parts: discipline, discourses, and sublime). In former times, Thai people believed that this tree is auspicious wood or the sacred tree growing in heaven. This gives way to the tree having another name in Thai called "Prawanpruk".
Thaksin University Official Colors
      Thaksin University has two permanent colors: gray and light blue. Gray represents the brain reflecting thoughts. Light blue stands for the color of the sea and sky, reflecting width and distance. Together, gray and light blue can be considered as “far thinking” or “thinking with vision”.